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Feeding Dispensers

Our tape dispensers are designed to mount to any fabric inspection or rolling equipment. All models are available with clear Plexiglas® tape holder disks. 

We supply the following models:


Dual Feed Stationary (#102) Recommended for medium- to heavy-weight fabrics. Features two tape feeding stations.








Multi-Feed Stationary (4-roll #104; 6-roll #106; 8-roll #108) Best for medium- to heavy-weight fabrics in applications where more than two tape sizes are required, or where several rolls of the same size can be loaded at once.







Dual Feed Automatic, Motor Drive (#201)Works with all fabrics of any length. The motorized tape carriage provides slow, continuous oscillation, distributing the tape within a 6 ½ inch area to eliminate any tape bulge. Oscillation error is less than 0.2%, or 1 inch in 100 yards or meters.