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DCT120 - 12ft / 3.5m Diameter Pi Steel OD Tape Measure

DCT120 - 12ft / 3.5m Diameter Pi Steel OD Tape Measure

DCT120 - 12ft / 3.5m Diameter Pi Steel OD Tape Measure

NEW! Our newest and toughest Diameter/Circumference OD measuring tape. This is a substantial 12ft / 3.5m length steel flexible tape that is a half-inch wide. It comes housed inside a durable and shock-resistant ABS and aluminum case. With a big loop-style endpiece and thick steel blade, this tape will stand up in any environment.

The retraction mechanism includes a wheel brake on the outside of the case that spins against the thumb as the tape is extended or retracted, allowing maximal and effortless retraction speed control and tension.

Its high visibliity chrome case is paired with a reflective disc for easy location in dark conditions. Easy-read tape offers much larger numbers against a high contrast white background for simplified measurement readings in low light areas.

A strong magnetic disc on the back of the case allows you to mount the tape on any metal surface. 

The top of the tape gives standard length measurements, while the bottom of the tape gives outside diameter (OD) readings down to the millimeter and 100th of an inch. 

In quantities of 50 or more we can print your one color logo on the case. Customized orders will receive a proof for approval prior to processing.

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144 in. / 3.5 m
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