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Official Navy SEAL Terrorist I.D. Tape Measure

Official Navy SEAL Terrorist I.D. Tape Measure

NO TERRORIST TOO TALL FOR THE LAW. As shown in the new movie "Zero Dark Thirty," upon completing the mission to kill Osama bin Laden a Navy SEAL had to lie next to the body to determine its height. President Obama later joked, “We donated a $60 million helicopter to this operation. Could we not afford to buy a tape measure?” This is that tape measure.

With the names and heights of the top international terrorists marked along its length, this novelty tape measure makes a great gift for SEALs and non-SEALs alike. (If you're not actually using it to identify terrorists, it also makes a handy 80-inch tape measure).

Price includes shipping to anywhere in the USA including APO addresses. Origionally $11.95 Now only $6.95, & includes shipping (USA only)!

A portion of profits go to Paws and Stripes, a non-profit organization that pairs wounded vets with rescued companion and assist dogs.

For distributor pricing email: [email protected]

Read the CBS News story.

80 in.
1/2 in.