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Textile Measurement and Inventory Control



Inaccurate fabric measurement means shortages or overages that cost you money. Turn your losses into profits with our system of fabric measurement and inventory control. 

Perfect Measuring Tape® is incorporated right into your fabric, between tube and fabric, so it provides a perpetual inventory control system.

Each time you remove a length of material from the roll, the measuring tape indicates exactly how much is left. You can then enter inventory data into your software, eliminating weight-to-linear conversions or estimated yard or meter usage.

This saves time and money, especially when fabric rolls are consumed over a period of time. The system is ideal for the retail and wholesale fabric, furniture, fine apparel, and carpeting industries.


Perfect Measuring Tape®:

  • Saves you money by paying for itself…and more 
  • Costs less than $0.20 to accurately measure 60 yards or meters of fabric
  • Is the only system that accurately and permanently measures goods
  • Is verifiable by textile buyer and seller
  • Eliminates disputes over discrepancies between measuring devices
  • Gives accurate measurement even after the fabric is cut or the roll tag is lost
  • Is used by counter companies to verify their own meters and arbitration services to settle shortage claims
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Learn how to integrate the PMT® system into your business with our Perfect Measuring Tape and feeding dispensers.

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