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Vinyl-coated Fiberglass Retractable Tapes

Handy and durable, retractable fiberglass fabric tapes are perfect for carrying in the pocket or purse. Each case is made from ABS high-impact plastic, which is strong, light, and cost effective. An automatic retract button on the back of the case easily retracts tape. Custom branded retractable tapes make great promotional items that will put your company name in front of your customer for many years to come!

[80 in.]
Item #: PWT80;  Available in bright green or white. When it comes to inches lost, the truth is in the tape. On sale for a limited time:...
[60 in.]
Item #: BMI;  * ON SALE* normally $3.99, now $2.99! Calculate body mass index (BMI) easily and accurately using this tape measure with...
[60in. / 1.5m]
Item #: PWT60;  Get an accurate measurement of your waist and body on your own. Simply wrap the Perfect Waist Tape around your waist or...
[60 in. / 1.5 m]
Item #: SR1;  Handy pocket- or purse-sized retractable 60 inch/1.5m non-stretch vinyl-coated fiberglas tape in a durable plastic case, only 2...
Item #: PWT2M;  Get an accurate ALL METRIC measurement of your waist and body on your own. Simply wrap the Perfect Waist tape around your waist...
[120 in./3 m]
Item #: SR18;  * On SALE!* Previously $3.99 per each, now only $3.49! Square-shaped durable plastic case with non-stretch, flexible fiberglas...
[80 in.]
NO TERRORIST TOO TALL FOR THE LAW. As shown in the new movie "Zero Dark Thirty," upon completing the mission to kill Osama bin Laden a Navy SEAL had...
[170 in.]
Avoid shipping delays and oversize charges by knowing the correct shipping classification for your packages! Simply wrap the flexible Perfect...

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