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Steel Tape Measures

Our retractable steel tape measures come in a wide variety of styles for many uses. Construction-grade steel tapes are accurate and durable, and ISO 9000 Certified — ideal for measuring planes and surfaces. Cases are made of ABS high-impact plastic and include a lock button for fixing tape in place. A number of our retractable steel tape measures can be branded.

[25 ft.]
50% OFF, was $16.95, now just $7.95! Our heavy-duty tape features a rubber jacket for grip and shock absorption. Fraction blade and 1/32 inch...
[12 ft.]
Our best-selling 12 ft. steel tape measure! Fraction print and 1/32 inch marks throughout its entire length.  This light, durable, rubber-...
[16 ft.]
This new ergonomic 16-foot steel tape measure with a fraction blade and 1/32 inch marks throughout has both a standard lock button and an underside...
[79 in. / 2 m]
Was $4.99 now only $3.99! Measure the circumference of any pipe, tree, or other round object with the diameter pi tape measure and instantly get an...
[25 ft. / 7.5 m]
Are you a lefty? No more reading numbers upside-down. Our exclusive right-to-left read tape measure regularly $16.95, is now only $12.95! Turns...
This unique triangular-shaped tape measure has 12 sets of Architect's scale graduations on three retractable tapes for both field and office use: 1/...
[16ft / 5m]
*ON SALE* Regularly $4.39 now only $3.99!  Our most popular 16-ft heavy duty tape measure.  This light, durable, rubber-gripped tape...
[3 ft. / 1 m]
25% OFF. Was $1.19, now just $0.89! Conveniently sized key chain tape measure with a flat steel retractable tape. Customized orders will receive a...
[79 in. / 2 m]
25% OFF, was $1.19, now just $0.89! This retractable steel tape measure with spirit level is about the size of a business card. Flat steel blade...

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