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Surveyor's Tapes

Long surveyor’s tapes come in both open- and closed-reel varieties and are made of non-stretch fiberglass fabric that’s durable and waterproof for tough outdoor working conditions. Turn cranks make for fast and easy rewind.

[144 in. / 3.5 m]
NEW! Our newest and toughest Diameter/Circumference OD measuring tape. This is a substantial 12ft / 3.5m length steel flexible tape that is a half-...
[100 ft. / 30m]
NEW AND IMPROVED and ON SALE!! This 100-ft. / 30m Series GD-12 Surveyor's Tape features both inch and metric increments. Made of durable,...
[165 ft. / 50m]
ALL NEW AND ON SALE! This 165-ft. / 50m Series GD-12 Surveyor's Tape features both inch and metric increments. Made of...
[330 ft. / 100 m]
Was $49.95, now only $39.95.  The open-reel case on this Series F-05 Surveyor's Tape facilitates fast and easy rewinding. The design also keeps...