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Tailor's Tapes

Tailor’s tapes are flexible for easily and accurately measuring parts of the body or garments. They are ideal for use in the apparel, textile, medical, or fitness industries. All of our tailor’s tapes are made from durable, non-stretch fiberglass fabric, secured at either end with metal fastenings, and come in a variety of colors. Each is fitted with a reusable cardboard band for convenient storage. Your name and logo can appear on the tape, just select "Customized" when adding it to your cart. If you'd like a tape measure designed entirely to your specifications, see our fully customizable tailor’s tapes.

[60 in. / 1.5 m]
Available in red, white, light green, or bright green. The TR13 tailor's tape features inches on one side and metric on the other side. Perfect for...
[60 in. / 1.5 m]
Five colors to choose from: pink, white, yellow, blue, or bright green. Our TR-16 Tailor's Tape is 5/8 inch wide and made of...
[60 inches]
Our TR-19 Tailor's Tape is 3/4 inch wide and made of flexible, non-stretch vinyl-coated fiberglas. The TR19 measuring tape features...
[72 in.]
When 60 inches is not enough, this tailor's tape offers 72 inches of non-stretch, 5/8 inch (16mm) wide flexible vinyl-coated fiberglas tape with...
[120 in. / 3 m]
Non-stretch, 5/8 inch (16mm)-wide vinyl-coated fiberglas tape with metal end pieces. Fan folded with reusable cardboard band. Inches only on one side...
[72 in.]
Take inseam measurements with ease! Non-stretch, 5/8 inch (16mm) wide flexible vinyl-coated fiberglas tape with metal end pieces and a crotch piece...
[60 in./1.5 m]
NEW!! Take your own inseam and outseam pants measurements with no assistance whatsoever.   Simply stand on the included footpiece to provide the...

= This product is customizable. More information.